Non-Maternity Pants: Beyond the Ponytail Holder

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There are women in this world who can continue to wear their skinny jeans halfway to delivery. Then there's me, popping out of my pants almost before I've peed on a stick. During my first pregnancy, it was a midwife who showed me the ponytail-holder trick to extend the tops of my pants and delay the need for maternity jeans. But frankly, that trick only goes so far -- especially when you notice the V-shaped gap exposing your lower belly every time you reach your hands over your head.

The easy answer, of course, is the Bella Band -- everyone recommends it, but it does nothing for me. I hate the itchy nylon fabric, and it does absolutely zero to hold my pants up. Fortunately, there are a few other options that work in different ways to keep yer pants up and on.


b buckle
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B-Buckles are cuuute! They sort of annoy me because they are clearly made for the Heidi Klums of the world, women whose butts don't grow in tandem with their bellies so they have to get new jeans regardless of waist size... but I love them anyway. They have adorable applique designs and apparently loop around the belt-buckles of your jeans, snapping to themselves, to give you a couple extra inches of waist. Seems like they'd work best on low-riders, because I think you have the same v-gap worry.

Belly Belt Kit
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The Belly Belt is a more versatile option -- it comes with two sizes of extenders, and three colors of fabric panels to cover the dreaded v-zone. Made by those crafty Aussies, it gets rave reviews and seems to be an interesting solution. Amazon carries several different versions, with different color fabric panels, so click around before you commit. The same company makes the Baby Be Mine Maternity Belly Band ($16.99), a BellaBand-type option that comes in kicky patterns and costs a lot less, if you're in the market for that sorta thing.

BellaBand Organic
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BellaBand now has an organic option: 95% organic cotton, 5% spandex. That sounds a lot more comfortable than the regular kind, but I still don't think it'd keep my pants up... But if the fabric is all that's been stopping you, this comes in black, white, and sand.

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