Pregnancy Cookbook Recall

Happy Baby Cookbook cover
This book could hurt your baby.
We don't usually talk about recalls on the Pregnancy Blog. You'll have to wait for all that lovely scary stuff when you start reading the Baby channel.

But here's one for ya ... The Happy Baby Cookbook, published and sold largely in Australia and New Zealand. The healthy eating book is being recalled because "Some of the recipes in the food for pregnant women chapter contain ingredients that the NSW Food Authority advises may be harmful to pregnant women and should be avoided."

The books are already off the shelves, but if you happened upon a copy from a recent trip or from friends who live there, stop using this dangerous book immediately. Do not cook from it. Burn it, and bury the ashes in a deep hole.


Just what are some of these gastronomic evils lurking on the pages? The New Zealand food authority hasn't said, but best guess is a lot of the stuff that many pregnant women eat even though they know they're not "supposed to," like sushi, deli meats, soft cheeses, and hummus. Oh, God, not hummus. How could they be so reckless!? Hummus is made with tahini. Doesn't everyone know that tahini has been linked to salmonella outbreaks!?


Oh, right, this is Australia.

The horror! Mate.

I'm not saying this is not serious stuff. Always better to play it safe and avoid all foods with higher risks. Food-borne illnesses can absolutely, most definitely pose a serious threat to your life and the life of your baby.

But so can crossing the street, riding in a car, and plugging in the toaster oven.

Risk is tricky territory. It can drive you insane.

I can't tell you what I really think, because I don't want the food safety police knocking on my door, so I'm leaving you with this resource from the Mayo Clinic on what foods to avoid during pregnancy. Read it, memorize it, live it. While you're at it, it might be best to avoid pregnancy cookbooks during pregnancy, too.

Are you obeying all the "banned food" rules during pregnancy?

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