Rachel: Baby Name of the Week

Another cutie named Rachel.
Photo by kristenleigh513
I just finished reading the New York Mag interview with Rachel Uchitel, the Tiger Woods mistress who, according to the headline, is "not a madam."

First off, I know I'm a little late to the party -- I'm the mother of a 4-year-old. Whose middle name just so happens to be Rachel.

Add that to my list of excuses for reading the article a week after it hit the Web. With a list of conquests as long as his putter, chances are most moms in America are experiencing a bit of "baby name dirtied by Tiger" association.

I can't imagine many Dads are yelling "go get 'em Tiger these days either."

But Rachel, oh Rachel.


It was my husband's choice, actually. Our agreement was to split the names -- he chose the boy's first name, I chose the middle, and we switched for the girl.

So she's Jillian (my choice) Rachel (his). Turns out Rachel even has a familial connotation for me -- although I found out after the birth, so I couldn't milk it for anything good.

I was happy to keep it as a middle name because, as the Baby Name Finder shows, it is fairly popular -- 37th among CafeMoms, 75th in the nation.

No wonder my kid shares a name with a woman vying for Heidi Fleiss-like fame for her sexual proclivities. Of course, the name means "lamb," a perfect conquest for a Tiger.

Did your kid's name end up on the Tiger list?

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