Adoption Miracles and More in Facebook Fairytales Book

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You always hear stories of amazing things happening on Facebook, and now one woman, Emily Liebert, has compiled 25 of these real-life "fairytale" stories all in one book.

You'll read about lost sisters reunited, a teenager's life being saved, a young woman receiving a donor kidney from a stranger, countless love stories and more.

I was especially touched by Melissa and Seth's adoption story, just a taste of some of what you'll find in Facebook Fairytales: Modern-Day Miracles to Inspire the Human Spirit.


Seth and Melissa were a young couple who desperately wanted to get pregnant. And they did ... after an emotional and costly stint with IVF. Melissa carried twin boys to her fifth month, but the pregnancy ended tragically, leaving the couple devastated and without the family they always longed for. Additional IVF and surrogacy attempts failed.

It was the summer of 2008. Seth and Melissa had ridden a two-year rollercoaster with nothing to show for it, and their spirits were down.

"All I want is to be pregnant," Melissa told Seth repeatedly.

"What you really want is to start a family," he pointed out. Melissa agreed with Seth, and they agreed to explore adoption.

They created a blog and a flyer in search of a couple who was looking to place their baby up for adoption, with no takers or leads. Then they turned to Facebook.

Two days after posting their adoption flyer on the social networking site, Seth's friend, John, asked if he could post the flyer to his page.

In early December, Seth received a call from John's friend, Jenny, a woman from high school who owned a construction company. Lisa, the wife of one of her employees, was eight months pregnant, already had three kids, and didn't have a plan for the new baby.

Melissa and Seth arranged a meeting with Lisa, and a month later, the day before Seth's birthday, Noah Benjamin was born. Two days later, Seth and Melissa took their new son home.

The couple are now back online in their search to adopt a sibling for Noah. You can find their virtual adoption book at the Melissa and Seth Adoption Page.

What Facebook fairytales or just gee-whiz social networking stories of your own do you have to share?

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