Moody Mamas Spring Collection and More Pregnancy News

Moody Mamas spring collection
Moody Mamas Spring Collection at Target

Time to go shopping, reconsider that baby name, and have a good long talk with your doctor ...

  • The Moody Mamas spring line of maternity clothes hits the racks at Target this week. Heidi Klum, Jessica Alba, Ashlee Simpson, and Tori Spelling have all been known to wear some of Moody Mamas' stylish and sexy clothes in their preggo states.
  • If you name your baby an uncommon or unusual name, you may be a narcissist. That's what one researcher believes. She says that parents who pick names like Brooklyn, Genesis, and Caden value individuality over obedience and conformity, and this is an indication that our society is becoming not only more individualistic, but narcissistic. I don't know ... can't the parents just like the name? -- Faster Times
  • My father-in-law has psoriasis, so I know the inflammatory skin disease that creates scaly dots, which remind of measles, is a horrible, embarrassing condition. And now we know that the issue is't only skin deep because researchers have found that psoriasis increases the risk of at least five complications during pregnancy, including spontaneous abortion and high blood pressure. If you have the condition, tell your OB or midwife. -- ABC News
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