Pregnancy Workouts Lower Birth Weights

Flickr photo by lululemon athletica
We keep hearing childhood obesity starts in the womb, but now it's time to get off your butt and do something about it.

Yes, we mean literally. A new study says working out while pregnant is the key to lowering your baby's birth weight -- a key to preventing obesity down the line.


Published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, the study followed 84 pregnant women and found those exercising five times a week (for about 40 minutes) had babies with lower birth weights and lower BMIs than their counterparts.

The women weren't exercising to lose weight themselves -- and the activity had no effect on their own BMI.

It all sounds so simple doesn't it? The doctors say jump for baby's health and you say where's the trampoline. 

But here's where I hold out my hand for the bad mother of year award: I didn't do much exercise while I was pregnant. I was too busy puking and trying to find a comfortable position on the couch that didn't make me see stars when she settled on my nerve. 

Five days, 40 minutes a day? The mere thought of going back to my cranky pregnant state and trying to workout gives me agita.

How do you manage to get in a decent workout while pregnant?

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