Ruby: Baby Name of the Day

Photo by Laila-May
I saw this so-cute picture of Tobey Maguire and famille on their way to Easter festivities and was charmed by his daughter's name, Ruby. It's been on my top-ten-future-baby-name list since the first moment I heard the classic Rancid song Ruby Soho. There was even a time when I insisted Soho would be a great middle name, but ah, the mid-'90s were different times. (Not for Maguire, though – his Ruby's middle name is Sweetheart!)

Ruby, of course, comes from the name of the precious stone, but it wasn't used as a name until the 1800s. To me, that's a plus; so many baby names are weighed down by deep meaning, ancient history, or terrible stories. (Ferinstance, I love the name Cassandra, but I'll be damned if I'll burden my daughter with the story of a tragic mythological character doomed to tell the truth and never be believed!)


By contrast, Ruby is refreshing: All it means is – Red. Precious. The Rolling Stones also sang about her (say, Tuesday is a fine middle name, too, now that I think about it), and the most recognizable fictional counterpart is a cute bunny. No baggage, no history, just a beautiful blank slate.

Bonus: Anyone who doesn't know what to buy her can always fall back on jewelry. She'll thank you for not naming her Garnet.

Ruby is not rated on the CafeMom site, but there are plenty of moms here who have chosen that name. Its popularity has grown steadily over the past ten years, according to the Social Security Administration, going from #261 in 1999 to 113 in 2008.

What do you think of the name Ruby?

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