Make Your Own Maternity Jeans

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During my most recent pregnancy, I was thrilled when a friend gave me a pair of barely worn designer maternity jeans that retailed for more than $200. At first they fit and felt great, and I strutted waddled around like a hip, happen' mama-to-be.

Then, a few weeks later, I wore them to an eight-hour conference and found them to be the most uncomfortable pants of torture I've ever worn. They cut off my circulation, fell down, rode up in other places, and I was convinced my baby would be damaged by them. I never wore them again.

Thankfully, mine were free, so I didn't lose much more than a day's comfort, but if you don't want to take a chance and shell out big bucks for jeans that will only fit you a finite amount of time, then you could try making your own maternity jeans out of a pair of regular jeans you already own.


There most common technique for DIY maternity jeans uses a pair of standard jeans and a t-shirt. With just a few snips and stitches you can create a great pair of maternity jeans -- a great economical and eco-friendly option. Of course, once you've delivered your baby, then you may need a new a pair of jeans, but what great motivation to lose the baby weight!  

If you have absolutely no sewing skills or desire to take to needle and thread, there are services that will transform you regular jeans into maternity jeans for you AND they will also transform them back again after your baby is born. The $60 price tag is steep, but not as steep as many of the designer jeans out there.

Have you made your own maternity jeans?

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