Diablo Cody Pregnant -- Links I Love

surgeon holding scalpel
Flicker photo by bethd821

Juno screenwriter Diablo Cody, 31, is expecting a baby, she announced via Twitter.

The story of the doctors who performed C-sections on women who weren't pregnant really creeped me out. It reminds me of the time I brought my "female" kitty to the vet, where the doctor spayed her. I later discovered that she was a boy. C'mon, guys, this seems like basic stuff.

One of the biggest decisions you'll make right after your son is born is whether to circumcise him, and you will get lots of opinions, unsolicited and otherwise. This is a talk best reserved between you and your SO -- alone. Check out this guide to help you decide whether to circumsize or not at LilSugar.

Real Housewives star Alex McCord Drank while pregnant. She's not the first. I cheated a little bit too. But there are risks that might make you cheat a little less often. The March of Dimes has helpful information on the hazards of drinking while pregnant.

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