Sandra: Baby Name of the Day

Poor Sandra Bullock. Last we heard, the movers are on the scene, so I guess Jesse is history. I know you are going through a lot, Sandra, and could use a boost, so here it is: I really like your name.

The first time I fell in love with that name was watching the movie Grease. The lead character's name is Sandy. I thought the actress who played her, Olivia Newton John, (watch the clip above) was just about the coolest thing going. If they had made skintight leather pants in elementary school kid sizes, I would have begged Santa for a pair.


I also really like the name because it conjures comforting images of lemon cakes and pastry puffs warm out of the oven. No, not the name of any family member. My mother doesn't know how to operate a spoon. That would be Sandra Lee. To this day that is my favorite supermarket aisle.

Other famous Sandras:

Sandra Day O'Connor

Sandra Dee

Sandra Oh

If you do consider naming your baby daughter Sandra, make sure you also give her a short, one-syllable middle or last name that most likely starts with a " D" and almost certainly ends with a vowel sound, because that's how it's done.

Do you know any Sandras and would you consider the name for your baby?


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