Pregnancy Confessions: Stop Flaunting Your Kids in My Face

toddler holding easter egg basket
Photo by Momof3cuties

We're pregnant, but we're not perfect ...

This week's confession:

"I'm pregnant after four years of infertility. I was invited to an Easter Egg hunt this past weekend to take pictures of the kids collecting the eggs, and there were two other family events I was invited to afterward with egg hunts.

It really hurt watch everyone else enjoy their children and I really wanted NOTHING to do with it all. I know it will be different when my baby is born, but it's still hard to watch all these kids without thinking, 'I should have a 2 or 3 year old running around out there too.'


"So I opted not to go to either event and fell asleep instead." -- anonymous


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Have you ever felt resentful being around other children when you were trying to conceive?


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