Victoria Beckham: Too Skinny to Get Pregnant?


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Victoria Beckham is eating lots of carbs trying to fatten up so she can get pregnant, hopefully with a a girl, according to reports. Instead of restricting her diet to the usual steamed fish, fruits and vegetables to keep her slim figure, the 35 year old wife of soccer star David Beckham is eating brown rice, pasta, bread and other carbs to get to a more optimal baby making weight.

Whoa, brown rice, let's not get too crazy, hey Posh?

But she's right. Being too thin can affect your chances of getting pregnant. Here's why ...

Body fat controls our monthly cycles and the onset of menstruation. When we diet, most of what we lose is fat, unless we are spending too much time on the treadmill at one monotonous speed, but that's another matter.

Even losing a small amount of fat can represent a large amount of total body fat, and the body goes into preservation mode to conserve energy any way it can. The overall message the body gets is that it cannot support a pregnancy at this time, so it halts ovulation and menstruation.

I think Vic has definitely done her homework, though. Recent studies show that eating a high-calorie diet before conceiving increases the chances of having a boy; women who eat lower calorie dense meals tend to have girls. Although why she wouldn't want to produce another one of those gorgeous Beckham lads I have no idea.

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Lokis... LokisMama

Not that she's looking to get pregnant, but my sister has always been tiny and if she dropped below 100lbs, she wouldn't have a period at all.

jeann... jeannesager

My husband has said more than once he thinks Posh needs to eat . . . period.

nonmember avatar Moon

jeannesager..Posh DOES NOT need to eat, she IS eating, and she's eating healthily - those steamed fish (or chicken or meat), seafoods, vegetables and fruits are all recipe for HEALTHY LIFE and SLIM BODY! If she's not eating..then she won't have any energy to CARRY CRUZ, even ROMEO around while she's out, when she knows that her boys now are 4, 5 and 6, 7 years of age, won't she? But she did..and that shows that she is strong. But because of her slim body..that means IN HER 30s now her body is not strong enough to carry a baby. You have to remember that she is now 36 YEARS OLD this year..which means she is OLD TO HAVE A BABY fattening herself would be the possible way. And oh..OBESE, FAT WOMEN ALSO HAVING PROBLEMS to conceive too! And I mean FAT, not large or meaty, curvier women, but FAT!

Chris... ChrisThompson

Good article. I'm not a doctor but I know that fats are required for the proper production of hormones, and sufficient hormones are required to have a menstrual cycle, so it's clear that being too skinny can make it impossible to get pregnant. A lot of female gymnasts have body fat levels that are so low they do not menstruate. BUT - I believe body fat levels need to be ultra low, like in the sub 10% level for women to run into this problem. It's not THAT common except in professional athletes, and those with an eating disorder.

wishb... wishbearmom

Maybe it's more difficult, but certainly not all that uncommon. Nicole Richie had 2 kids and I'd say she's way thinner and less healthy than Victoria Beckham!

Liythia Liythia

I do not agree with this at all. I weighed a messly 83 lbs when I got pregnant with my daughter. I was not anorexic, but have been skinny my entire life. I am 5'1, but 83 lbs is thin. But you know what, my daughter was a healthy 7 lb baby. I had no problems at all. People were telling me I would, but I never did. Its been 3 years since her birth, and I am back to my original size, which happened 3 months after she was born. I don't think people that are "too skinny" can not have babies that are healthy or cannot have babies at all. Its unhealthy woman that can't have babies or woman that have a condition. I know a lot of woman that are perfect size or even overweight that get on to woman for being "skinny" and they can't get pregnant or have unhealthy babies. Instead of picking on this woman for her size, look at whether she is healthy or not. For cryin out loud, if a large woman was trying to lose weight to have babies, people would be cheering her on.

Cryst... Crystal8327

Fat women can have fertility issues as well possibly even more. They can have an overproduction of progesterone that can make conceiving close to impossible. I have a friend in this situation her obgyn told her lose 100 lbs or you will never conceive. On another note some people are naturally very thin even if they eat like pigs and the worse things and I do not see how they would have a problem conceiving. I knew a girl who was 92 lbs before she got pregnant boy did she blow up to maybe compensate but she conceived!

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