Victoria Beckham: Too Skinny to Get Pregnant?

woman standing on bathroom scale
Flickr photo by I Don't Know, Maybe
Victoria Beckham is eating lots of carbs trying to fatten up so she can get pregnant, hopefully with a a girl, according to reports. Instead of restricting her diet to the usual steamed fish, fruits and vegetables to keep her slim figure, the 35 year old wife of soccer star David Beckham is eating brown rice, pasta, bread and other carbs to get to a more optimal baby making weight.

Whoa, brown rice, let's not get too crazy, hey Posh?

But she's right. Being too thin can affect your chances of getting pregnant. Here's why ...


Body fat controls our monthly cycles and the onset of menstruation. When we diet, most of what we lose is fat, unless we are spending too much time on the treadmill at one monotonous speed, but that's another matter.

Even losing a small amount of fat can represent a large amount of total body fat, and the body goes into preservation mode to conserve energy any way it can. The overall message the body gets is that it cannot support a pregnancy at this time, so it halts ovulation and menstruation.

I think Vic has definitely done her homework, though. Recent studies show that eating a high-calorie diet before conceiving increases the chances of having a boy; women who eat lower calorie dense meals tend to have girls. Although why she wouldn't want to produce another one of those gorgeous Beckham lads I have no idea.

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