Why A Baby Shower Is Not Like a Bridal Shower

Photo by Michelle21606
The baby shower and the bridal shower have a lot in common.

The horrible bow and ribbon hat. The largely female crowd. The obligatory cutesy games.

But here's where they differ in a big way: the kids.

No, I'm not talking about the bun in the oven that brought us all together.


A curious mom recently posted on CafeMom's Newcomer's Club board, asking if it's common for kids to be invited to a baby shower -- it's not in her neck of the woods.

But I, like the moms who chimed in on the board, have found the biggest relief in opening a shower invitation and realizing it's baby, not bridal, is knowing I won't have to search around for a sitter.

If it's a day about welcoming a child into the world, it would seem counter intuitive not to be child-friendly, wouldn't it?

I have, on the other hand, been to bridal showers with kids, but it's largely dependent on the crowd -- they can get awfully raunchy. And explaining a vibrator to my 4-year-old is not on my agenda.

Was your baby shower very different from your bridal shower?

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