Crystal: Baby Name of the Day

Flickr photo by Dan Queiroz
Reality shows may not serve much purpose, but I've found one -- gauging the popularity of a baby name.

Take American Idol's Crystal Bowersox. At 24 (hard to believe looking at her), it's no surprise the popularity of her first name peaked in the 1980s.


Which doesn't mean it's gone away -- the Baby Name Finder ranks Crystal at 91st among the names CafeMoms have bestowed on their daughters.

But looking into the background of the name was the big surprise for me. I confess I was thinking some hippie dippie story would accompany this moniker, but talk about a name with Christian overtones.

Crystal means "follower of Christ," not exactly the sentiment I think of when I'm envisioning people who go for the healing power of crystals.

Which I guess means this is a name with some broad appeal? I happen to know a few -- my favorite (she makes an incredible key lime cheesecake!) spells it Kristal.

Does this name shine for you?

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