Pregnancy Signs: When Did You Know?

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We thought we couldn't have any more children after my son was born.

Then a couple years ago, he and I got the stomach flu. His got better; mine didn't. And though I was nauseous, I was also ravenously hungry at the same time.

That's when it occurred to me that these might actually be pregnancy symptoms. And they were!

Women experience a wide range of early pregnancy symptoms -- some swear they can tell almost at the moment of conception; others never have any symptoms their entire pregnancy (hate them). But most of us have some telltale signs long before we ever pee on a stick.


Here are some responses CafeMom members posted in reply to a question about their earliest pregnancy symptoms.

From wheresthewayout:"/My last pregnancy I knew it when I my hubby and me were driving along, he opened a bag of Cheetos and I almost threw up because of the smell! The next day I craved hot sauce. I hate hot sauce! LOL! Turned out to be a boy! Before him I had 3 girls, and all I ever was with them was tired."

Says mlucas6478:"/My boobs were sore and I had and still have mild cramping similar to menstrual. I kept getting nauseous regardless of what I ate. I only wanted Canada Dry ginger ale which I normally detest. Finally when I was a week late I took a test just for a laugh to see the negative as usual. It was a big fat positive."

"I was having hot flashes as work. My boss laughed and told me I was pregnant. Few weeks later I took the test. Yep." said aeemom.

As the pregnancy progresses, the symptoms continue to creep up on a mother to be. Here are 10 pregnancy symptoms that may surprise you.

What were some of your earliest and strangest pregnancy symptoms?  

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