Woman Misses Doctor's Appt, Delivers Stillborn Baby

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For me, the hardest thing about working full-time in an office while pregnant wasn't the long hours or bouts of morning sickness that I had to hide from co-workers, it was trying to find the time to go to all those doctor appointments. It wasn't too big of a deal in the first and second trimesters when I only had to go once a month.

But during that last month I was taking off every week for several hours at a time. I also needed a few extra ultrasounds. My boss had to let me go, but he didn't have to like it. We were often on deadline and my absences slowed down my team's productivity.


This was a normal pregnancy. For women with high-risk pregnancies who must go to their doctors twice as often, juggling the doctor visit during work hours is a real issue. A woman in Texas was in this very situation -- and is now blaming her former boss for the death of her baby.

The woman, a senior accountant, was 7 months pregnant with twins and considered high risk. Her employer had been pretty flexible allowing her to go to all necessary visits, and hour each, except for one time when he demanded she finish a report before she left. She missed the appointment.

Three days later, the woman went into labor and delivered a healthy baby girl and a stillborn son. She claims that if she had been allowed to leave for the appointment, the doctors would have detected the signs of fetal distress and been able to save her baby.

The situation has led to a pregnancy discrimination suit against the company.

Is your employer hassling you for too many doctor's appointments during pregnancy?

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