Archie: Baby Name of the Day
Flickr photo by //amy//
We're thrilled at the news that Amy Poehler (of Parks and Recreation) and Will Arnett (of Arrested Development and 30 Rock) are expecting a second kid. (Especially me, since that makes me and Poehler identical childbirth twins. Same-sies!) No word yet on kid #2's name, but their oldest is named Archie.

Archie! Not only do I love it, but my nemesis on my local moms' email group hates it, which makes this name all the more dear to me.


It conjures up the old comic strip, making Veronica, Betty and Jughead other possible baby monikers. But scratch a little deeper and you see it popping up in photo archives – formal fellas in uniform, blurry grandpas who look like they escaped the potato famine by their eyeteeth. It's a great old-guy name ripe for revival. And the best part is, when a diaper's really bad, you can put on your best Edith Bunker voice: "Ohhh, Aaaaauchie!"

The name Archie isn't ranked on CafeMom, but there are some great CafeMoms with boys by that name. Archie also hasn't been in the top 1000 names for any year in the past 10 years, according to the Social SecurityAdministration! Like I said, ripe for revival!

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