Parker: Baby Name of the Day

Another Parker. Photo by xooojadeooox
Parker isn't just the last name of my maid of honor anymore. It's joined the trend of giving baby's surnames as first names.

Just check out Clay Aiken's little cutie: Parker Foster and Rosie O'Donnell's Parker Jaren.


Of course celebrities don't have the corner on this market -- they're just the best known. Here on CafeMom, Parker is doing brisk business in baby names -- he's number 62 on the Baby Name Finder.

And the last names first fun doesn't stop there:

I thought Jamison was a last name (switch that "i" for an "e" and we can do shots), until my cousin's girlfriend sent a birth announcement my way.

I've seen Spencers and Dexters, Taylors and Emersons, and then there are the names that have become so common in the front that we forget how often they used to be in the back: try Tyler and Abraham on for size.

But you know a trend is here to stay when there's a chart-topping single all about it -- so we'll let another last name first guy, Dierks Bentley, take it away:

Do you know any Parkers? What other last names show up first?

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