Avoid Target When 9 Months Pregnant -- Links I Love

child having a tantrum
Flicker photo by Hassan & Mariko
A blogger and first-time expectant mama's fear is becoming one of those women who scream at their uncouth children in the aisles of big retail stores. Um, I wonder if I was that person she saw in Target the other day ... Read this humorous and honest post about a woman's fear of impending motherhood at lemondrop.

On a more serious note, pay attention to your legs during pregnancy. If you can still see them under the bump, that is. A new study reports that deep vein thrombosis or DVT, a common blood clot condition during pregnancy, appears most often in the left leg. The report is boring, but check out that picture of what a DVT leg looks like at medpagetoday.

Lilsugar put together the Complete Guide to Baby Naming so you can have fun while you pick the best name ever in the whole world. The slideshow features 21 considerations to keep in mind, including meanings, how many names to give a child, and waiting until you take the baby home to decide.

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