A Baby Shower for Grandma?

Flickr photo by clevercupcakes
Grandma is getting in on the baby shower action, and we're not talking about spending.

The latest trend in pre-partum parties? Throwing a shower for Granny, so she can stock up on all the stuff she got rid of 20 years prior.


I first heard about these from a friend a few years ago.

"My MIL told me that it's very common for friends of the grandmother to throw a baby shower for her -- a Granny Shower if you will," my friend said. "The friends throw a party, food, drinks, cake and bring presents for the baby."

You'll excuse her for not being terribly on board with this one -- her mother-in-law lived clear across the country, and this was baby number two. Why hadn't she heard about it with baby number one? And where were all those presents for baby?

"My . . . suspicions are she: a) just had a party for herself and go spa treatments and b) she passed off her friend's presents to the baby as her own," my friend admits. "Baby boomers are an incredibly narcissistic bunch so much so that they have to have a party thrown for THEM when their CHILD gives birth."

But some of the CafeMoms say their kids are slated for Granny daycare -- and stocking granny's house is big on the to-do list before baby comes. What better way than letting her friends come over to ooh and ahh over the cute baby stuff?

Admittedly, the idea gets mixed reviews from the CafeMoms as a whole. And I'm inclined to wonder how far we're willing to go with the gimme gimmes. Especially if Granny is like my friend's mother-in-law -- just basking in the adoration of her grandbaby-hungry friends, without much purpose.

It was stuff like the pack n' play which I received at my own shower that was transported over to the grandparents' house for visits. I likewise have simply packed a bag full of stuff from my house every time my daughter has made a visit; while my parents have picked up a few extras for their house (wipes when she was a baby, extra toothpaste and the like nowadays).

Are you digging the granny shower?

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