Cecilia: Baby Name of the Day

St. Cecilia School
Photo by Sam Howitz
On NBC's The Office, the new parents characters Jim and Pam named their infant daughter Cecilia Marie.

Not a name you hear all the time anymore. I instantly think of the Paul Simon song, and the fact that it will be sung or played for that little girl at every major event of her life, from first birthday to wedding ...

Oh, yes, she's just a pretend TV character. But you know what I mean about girls whose names are in popular songs. By the time they reach about 8 years old, they will be telling their fathers please, dad, I hate that song, I don't ever want to hear it again, so just delete it from the playlist, I mean it, dad, I hate it, I'm really really serious!


Mercifully, there were no songs about "Cynthias" when I was growing up, but I recently discovered quite a few written about a "Cindy." Luckily none of these ever became memorable enough for people to use them as a nickname, adoration, or stupid pick-up line against me.

There was "Cindy Incidentally" by the group Faces (never heard of them), "Cindy Oh Cindy" by Eddie Fisher (before my time), "Cindy's Birthday" by Johnny Crawford (never heard of him, either), as well as "Cindy's Gonna Cry," also by Johnny Crawford, who evidently had a big thing for Cindys, but why is he making me cry? Is he taking another girl to the dance? He's breaking up with me, I just know it. I'm very sure I hate that song.

As for all the other girls out there with names that made the pop charts, you have my sympathy. I can imagine the lines in the bar ...

Come here, my Sweet Caroline, and let me bite your neck.

Oh, Michelle, ring my bell.

Alison, my aim is true. But that doesn't mean it's honorable.

Billie Jean, you're not my lover. But give me time.

Here's a fun list of girls names in songs to see if yours is there.

Do you like the name Cecilia Marie? Is your child named after someone mentioned in a song?

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