Design-Your-Own Maternity Shirts: More Fun Than They Should Be

Belly War!
Photo from Customized Girl
I love this shirt. I designed it when I was pregnant with Penelope, had it printed in silver glitter letters, and wore it proudly around town, feeling sure some other mom-to-be would spot me, give me the secret pregnancy high-sign, and um - I don't really know what a belly war would be, exactly, but I'll bet I would totally win every time.

Didn't happen. In fact, I never even get a "yeah, I'm pregnant too" wink from other preggies. Makes me sad, but I wear the shirt anyway, to the eternal horror/derision/amusement of my stepson/husband/other stepson. (Penelope doesn't seem to notice.)

Funny maternity shirts abound, but you can make your own maternity tees too; here are two online shops with maternity options. (They have onesies on tap, too, so if you're like me and want to spend Mother's Day wearing matching mother-daughter "Ladybug-Babybug" shirts, your dream can come true!)


Prices listed are for shirts only; final price will depend on whether you go for glitter letters, whether you print both front and back, and other fun factors. And remember -- you can always buy a blank maternity shirt and tye-dye, iron-on, and Bedazzle your way to customized fun!


Maternity shirts come in white, pink, blue, and black, and in sizes S, M, L, XL, and 2X. Base price usually $25.99, on sale for $20.99 at press time!

Customized Girl

Maternity shirts come in black, white, pink, and blue, and in sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL, and XXXL. (This is where I made mine - be advised, they run a little big IMO.) Base price S21.97.

Photo from Customized Girl

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