I Took a Job Without Revealing I'm Pregnant -- Pregnancy Confessions

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Yes, we know we're not supposed to but sometimes we do ... Please don't tell. 

This week's confession:

"I work for my country's government in a very stressful job. Six months ago, I was offered a better position in another department, but I turned it down because we were trying to get pregnant and I didn't think it would be fair to start a job and leave for a whole year on paid maternity leave. That's what I'd be entitled to at this job.


"After trying to conceive for five months and with no luck, I recently called them back and said I've reconsidered if the job is still available. They said I could start next month."


"Just a few days ago, I found out I am pregnant. So I'll be starting my new job at 10 weeks pregnant and they have no idea I won't be sticking around for long.

"I feel so bad that I am having a hard time enjoying this pregnancy. I'm afraid this will make me look so bad." -- anonymous


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What would you do if you got pregnant after you accepted a new job?


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