Pregnancy Calendar: Week 8 (Spotting)

baby cupcakesMargaret* is expecting her first baby November 5, and is sharing her experience each week for the next nine months.

Week 8

This week has been up and down. We traveled last week and it took a lot out of me. I had difficult time eating, being around unfamiliar smells and people, and resting comfortably. We have a lot of travel plans in the works. I'm hoping that we can create a better system, or, I won't travel while pregnant.


After we came home, I had terrible exhaustion. The next day, I had terrible cramping and spotting. It continued another day. Needless to say I was worried. I knew it was normal, knew that my placenta was attaching based on the gestational week and also knew to call the doctor. It let up on the third day. I missed exercising those days because while traveling I only had the opportunity once. So, I'm pretty stiff.

My other big news is my growing abdomen. There are lots of "guidelines" that really are generalities. For example, at eight weeks, you aren't really supposed to show. I am showing. I haven't been eating too much (because I can't) and still I grow -- my breasts are at least a cup larger and my pants no longer button. Happily I can get them over my rump. So, with a little creativity and a hair tie, I can wear my clothes.

Our news is mostly within our family and closest friends. I feel fairly private about our pregnancy. I am excited, and if someone asks, I tell. Otherwise, it is the elephant in the room. We plan to start telling people closer to 12 weeks, after my second OB appointment. We have an appointment this coming Tuesday -- the first one. It sounds like a lot of paperwork and information. I'm hoping we'll get to hear the baby's heartbeat since our ultrasound was at 6 weeks. We could see it but not hear it. I am so looking forward to hearing the baby!


When did you start showing?

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