Pregnancy April Fool's Pranks: Faking Labor


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It was the meanest April Fool's prank I ever played. I called my husband and told him I was in labor.

If it sounds tame, just wait: I wasn't due until June 1 (and the stubborn little cuss would not arrive until well after that).

I called him from work at the newspaper office where I was a staff writer and where pranks are just the name of the game -- whether it's April 1 or not.

What I should do for April Fool's Day was a hot topic in the office that day -- everyone saw pregnancy as prime pickins', but no one could agree on what was "too mean." When we settled on fake labor, there were still a few holdouts saying it was a low blow.

But I did it anyway. To be fair, I was cranky with my husband at the moment (not that that was different from any other day of pregnancy. I'll admit it, I was one cranky ass pregnant woman).

He'd been going through a period at work where annoying phone calls from the outside world (not me) had forced him to set his phone to Do Not Disturb on a semi-frequent basis. He said it was to get some work done, but it had me terrified that when the time did come, I'd be re-routed to voice mail with the rest of the peons.

If nothing else, my prank could keep him on his toes, right?

Before you start flaming the five years past this moment version of me in comments (oh, I know you want to), I fully admit it was mean! And I was a cranky so-and-so.

And while I got him all flustered, the fact that my due date was two months off didn't really register in his brain. He was more concerned that he had to get moving . . . fast.

Until he looked at the calendar. Ah, I knew I married him for a reason -- can't pull a fast one on him; at least not for long.

Have you ever pulled the fake labor trick during pregnancy?

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APeve... APeveteaux

You are BAD. But hilarious.

sodapple sodapple

i want to try it, i'm due april 8th, contractions keep on coming and going so making a little prank on hubby on the first wouldn't hurt, unless i really go into labor later during the day lol

Jayzwife Jayzwife

im not due till june but ima do

geistans geistans

Three years ago, my friend at work talked me into playing a prank on the boss. I was due in at the end of May. It was all set up and I was running late to work, and I was sick as a dog. Long story short - the tables were turned because I ended up having to have be life fighted from Wy to Ut to have a emergency c-section on Apirl 1. My daughter was two months early and weighing 6 lbs 14 ozs; she was born with wpw.

cdjain cdjain

My grandfather was positive that his wife was joking with him also, when she went into labor. My step-father was almost born at home because grandpa kept thinking it was a prank.

Gabes... Gabesmommy782

I thought about pulling the same prank last year for April Fools Day. Since my due date was March 31st and mo baby came on my due date of course most babies don't. DH and I thought it would have been really kind of neat to actually have our DS be born on April Fools Day since DH is a huge jockster so it would just be fitting if he was really born on April 1st. but we had no such luck. I seriously thought about pulling this prank and DH was all for it. But I thought it would be way to mean to pull on our family members esp. both sets of parents. plus I had already had 2 false labors leading up to my due date. so I know no one would have even stopped to think wait this might be an April Fools joke. :)

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