5 Really Mean April Fool's Day Jokes

positive pregnancy test
Photo by mmoleader
Announcing that you are pregnant is not a joke ... except when it is. Five pregnancy-related April Fool's Day Pranks to shock the daylights out of your friends and co-workers this Thursday:

1. Change your friend's Facebook status to "pregnant."

Most of us probably don't have the hacking skills necessary to do this, nor would we really want to, considering it's a crime and could land you in prison. This actually happened recently to a very non-pregnant woman in Fairfax County, Virginia. The hacker, someone she went to high school with, also sent out insulting e-mails from her Hotmail account and cancelled all her college classes.


2. Take a fake pregnancy test.

You could get out the paints, rig up your own, and leave it on the bathroom sink, but for a more authentic gag that will surely give your SO or mom a heart attack, order the one above from eBay. It looks like the real deal you take at a doctor's office, and is designed to test "positive" no matter what's in your pee. So you can tinkle right there in front of them and display the strip as the line turns blue. It would even work with guy pee ... now wouldn't that be funny.

3. Announce "I am NOT pregnant. April Fool's!"

Say it in the middle of a conversation, totally non-sequitur, and then walk away.

At first they'll be confused, then they'll start freaking, then they'll be confused again ...

4. Make a fake baby bump.

Refer to these instructions for a DIY fake pregnancy belly. Craft a smaller version so it's unclear whether you really are or just ate a very big lunch.

5. Stage a maternity leave coup at work.

Get four or five of your female workers to act in cahoots. Every hour, one of you goes into the boss and announces you are pregnant, each one asking him for confidentiality to not tell anyone. By the end of the fifth worker, the boss will suspect but he'll be too afraid of risking a human resources violation on the slight possibility it's really a cruel coincidence.


Do you have any other ideas for pregnancy related April Fool's Day jokes?

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