Michaela: Baby Name of the Day

Another Michaela. Flickr photo by Anodoin
First it was the White House, now it's the Real Housewives of DC for Michaela Salahi.

Normally I wouldn't give two hoots about such a famewhore, er, semi-celeb. But did you catch the spelling?

I sometimes feel like we've got McKaylas, Makaylas and MacKaylas coming out our ears, but that's a first.


And I like it's straightforwardness. The Baby Name Finder says Michaela is the feminine version of Michael -- and with this spelling, that's easy to tell.

What's with the emphasis on spelling? Check the name at the top. I love it. My parents did well. But do you have any idea what it's like going through life never having your name spelled or pronounced correctly? While mine is technically the correct feminine spelling (sorry Jeans of the world -- that's a boy's name), it's driven me to crave easy peasy lemon squeezy kind of names.

OK, off the soap box folks. As a diminutive of Michael, Michaela has the lovey dovey meaning of "gift from God." Not many of us would argue with that about our kids, huh?

Have you ever seen this spelling of Michaela? Do you love it or hate it?


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