Pregnancy Products: Body Pillows

Amazon: $40.54
It's getting to be that time: my belly's bigger, my tendons are stretchier, my back is achier – I'm getting to need a pregnancy pillow. During my first pregnancy, I became completely desperate, all in one day, and ran down to my local pregnancy emporium and paid full price for a Snoogle.

Some people love this thing. My emotions are more complex. Yes, it gave me a tremendous amount of physical relief: my knees, my belly, my hips all thanked me. But the only way it fit in my bed, gave me all that support, and allowed me to get up and pee 7 times a night was if it went smack-dab right in between me and my husband. Which I hated. It was like having a big, fluffy chaperone. This time around, I'm going to see if there's a smaller version – maybe a nice little wedge – that'll leave me nestled in his loving arms, not spooning with Nemutan.


Leachco Snoogle (above)
Leachco is the linchpin of body pillows, with several versions (all with weirdo names like "preggle" and "boomrest."). There's a "mini" and a "half time" if you're bed-space-challenged. They also have an organic line, if you swing that way.

Amazon $24.99
Bumpil On The Way
The Bumpil option is kind of interesting. Folded over, it's a body pillow. But unzip it and it converts to nursing support and baby nest.

Amazon $49.99
Boppy Total Body Pillow
Boppy has a total body pillow that seems to be as huge as the other options. But they've also got a small, just-between-the knees version and a simple wedge that might work better for smaller beds.


Amazon, $69.99
DreamGenii Maternity Pregnancy Support and Feeding Pillow
The DreamGenii pillow comes to us from the UK, where it was designed by a mom who hated other pregnancy pillows because she couldn't rearrange them at night. Sounds promising! It also comes with a very cute cherry cover.


Amazon, $99.95
Petite ComfortU Total Body Support Pillow
The Comfort-U pillow makes a giant U that goes up and over your head. It was designed by a nurse with fibromyalgia, so it's got that going for it. There's also a straight version, both filled with fusion fiberfill, which seems to be hypoallergenic and washable.

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