Beyonce Pregnancy Rumor Floods the Web

Beyonce Knowles and Alicia Keys
Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty
The Web is buzzing today with rumors that singer Beyonce Knowles is pregnant with her first baby. This from one of those shaky gossip sites, reporting that a ROCK SOLID SOURCE claims this is true.

Seeing how this rumor goes around every so often, and since Beyonce and husband Jay-Z aren't talking, I turned to the best source I know to confirm or deny: Beyonce's stomach.

Here's a photo of Beyonce taken a week ago at an Alicia Keys concert in New York City. I picked the one with the best possible bump view.

Let's all pause a moment to study it ...


My verdict: Inconclusive.

But don't worry. If she's not pregnant today she might be someday. And then Beyonce can put up a YouTube video of her very own baby Dancing to Beyonce's "Single Ladies." How weird and cool will that be?

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