Pregnancy Quirks: Do You Pee and Peek?

toilet paper close-up
Flickr Photo by derekGavey

How a pregnant woman goes to the bathroom:

1. Waddle in, close door.

2. Hoist shirt over bump, push belly band under bump, shimmy to release undies.

3. Sit

4. Pee

5. Wipe

6. Examine the t.p.

7. Exhale

8. Flush


A group of moms from an active pregnancy group on CafeMom were laughing about how most all of them look at the toilet tissue before flushing -- without even thinking about it -- as a way to make sure everything with their pregnancy is fine.

"I'm 31 weeks pregnant and have done it the whole time," one mom said. "My husband just looks at me like I'm weird or something. I'm like, 'DUDE, I'm making sure there's no blood or a change in discharge or anything.' haha. but still. I'm pretty sure I did it with my last two pregnancies too."

Did you adopt this strange but common habit during your pregnancy -- and do you still do it not pregnant?

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