Catherine Zeta Jones Indulged During Pregnancy

Catherine Zeta Jones pregnant
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty

We hear a lot about how some celebrities stay so skinny during pregnancy that don't even have to wear maternity clothes. Gisele Bundchen didn't, and was back to her bikini perfect body just weeks after giving birth. Claudia Schiffer has such a sleek pregnancy body that she only slightly alters regular clothes ...

Enough already. I did not feel svelt, glamorous, or model-like during pregnancy, I felt fat and cumbersome, ate chocolate every day, and didn't watch my weight at all. That's why it's so refreshing to read about a gorgeous celebrity like Catherine Zeta Jones who felt like I did and ate chocolate and any other treats she craved.

In a recent interview, the 40 year old actress admits she ate like a fiend during pregnancy, and see (up above) how amazing she looked!


She told us OK! Magazine: "I ate for Wales when I was pregnant! I had this thing for pies and pastries. And I ate so much bread, I was like ‘bread woman’. I enjoyed it, but by the end I wanted to get back to normal."

Though she's not currently pregnant, she still refuses to deny herself treats, and she's okay with not being slim. She says she likes her curvey, broader frame, and believes that super skinny women are scary. Yup, real nice to get a different perspective from a celebrity once in a while.

Are you watching what you eat and trying to stay fit during pregnancy or are you indulging on whatever you want?

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