Rielle: Baby Name of the Day

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I think Rielle (pronounced ree-El) is such a pretty and unusual name. I don't know of any except the one I keep hearing about in the news.

I can understand why someone born Lisa Jo would legally change her name to it. That's the name Rielle Hunter, the now famous John Edwards' former mistress, was born with. Lisa Jo Druck, to be exact. Doesn't have the same sexy ring as Rielle Hunter, does it?

Too bad the name now has a negative association for the forseeable future, and for that reason I doubt it will be soaring on the popularity charts. But maybe in a few years, when everyone (except Wikipedia and news anchors) forgets ...

A few tidbits about the name:


It doesn't even appear on the CafeMom Baby Name Finder.

It's also not in the top 1,000 for the past decade in the Social Security List of Most Popular Baby Names.

According to the site Nameberry, Rielle is a variation of "Riley," even though the most notable one pronounces it quite differently. It kinda reminds me of a shortened version of Ariella, a name I also love.

Goes to show that choosing names a too unique or too closely linked to one famous person carries a degree of risk. Friends of ours named their daughter Halle, a gorgeous name that really suits this little girl, but I don't think I'll ever not think of the actress when I hear her mother call her name. And for her sake, I certainly hope Halle Berry is never involved in a scandal.

Perhaps that's another reason why you can't go wrong choosing a common baby name like Matt or Emma. When there are so many of them, no one would dare make the connection with one in particular, famous or not.

Would you pick a name that you love the sound of if it had a negative association, either via someone you knew in person or from a scandal on the news?

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