Frances: Baby Name of the Day

Flickr: Photo by Roland
earned a pick on our depression-era names slated to come back in 2009, and a year later, we've decided to look at the Franceses out there to see how it's faring. 

From John Edwards' and Rielle Hunter's daughter Frances Quinn to Hollywood fave Frances McDormand, it's certainly well used.



The Baby Name Finder estimates the girl's name (not to be confused with the male version, Francis) is ranked 796 in name usage here in the states. Its highest ever rank, according to Baby Name Wizard, was number 9, in the 1910s, remaining popular up through the 1950s.

Of unknown origin, with no discernible meaning, Frances has nevertheless remained in the top 1,000 names in the Social Security Administration's rankings over the past decade.

Some of my favorite variations include Francine and Francesca, and I have an Aunt Fran.

Do you know any little girls name Frances? What do they call her?

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