Pregnant Dad Syndrome No Joke

Flickr: Photo by mikebaird
Pregnant Dad Syndrome has always been a bit of a joke amongst the women I know -- as our bellies grew, so did that of the daddy-to-be.

We thought it was the extra ice cream in the house (oh so good for that heartburn), but a study out of New Zealand says it's no joke.


Technically called Couvade syndrome, the name alone gives it a little bit more credibility.

The researchers told the New Zealand Herald our partners suffer not only weight gain but gastrointestinal issues that mirror those of pregnancy. And when you're craving salami on rye, you shouldn't laugh that he asks them to throw on some pickles -- he gets cravings too.

Apparently he suffers hormonal shifts just by living in the same house as us. Considering how quickly the menstrual cycles of women living in the same household can fall into sync, this isn't that far-fetched.

Is your male partner matching you ice cream bowl for ice cream bowl?

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