My Addiction to Pregnancy Tests


Pregnancy Test
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Years ago when my husband and I first decided to start trying to get pregnant, I went out and bought a pregnancy test. It felt like such a grown-up, life-changing purchase, and I couldn't stop thinking about it sitting there, unused under my bathroom sink.

Sure, it said to wait until two or three days after a missed period, but no one could possibly wait that long to know if they were growing an actual human being inside herself, right?

I think I peed on my first stick about two to three days after we first "tried," and I've done so literally hundreds of times since then through years of infertility and two pregnancies.

The adrenaline, the anticipation, planning what I would say when I showed those two magic lines to my husband. Peeing and waiting -- eyes glued to the stick wondering if I really saw something or forcing myself to leave the bathroom and not sneak a look before a full 10 minutes elapsed. Running with stick in hand to a window or even outside to see if maybe, in just the right light, there would be a shadow of hope. The thousands of dollars (literally down the toilet) and the disappointment of that one damn line again and again ... until there were two.

Even after I was confirmed-by-a-doctor pregnant, I still took pregnancy tests throughout my nine months just to see those magic two lines pop up. The craving to just pee on that stick and see the proof was too strong no matter how silly I knew it was (or how silly I looked buying them while sporting a huge belly!).

Now that we're likely done building our family, my cravings have eased a bit. Since my daughter's birth 14 months ago, I'm happy to say I haven't purchased a single one.

But I still feel a little familiar pang when I walk down the aisle and see them and all their possibility staring at me from the store's shelf.

Is anyone else addicted to pregnancy tests?

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APeve... APeveteaux

No, but you are hilarious.

ethan... ethans_momma06

When you want to be pregnant... they are so tempting... all you have to do is pee...

I use moderation and have only probably bought... 10 in my life time.

Freela Freela

I've never been a pee stick addict, but I have never taken one without my hands shaking... no matter what I expected/wanted/hoped the result to be. Something about those little pee sticks just induces a panic attack under any circumstance!

pinst... pinstripefedora

I am a former pregnancy test addict. I miscarried last July and we were trying to conceive and every month I just "knew" so I would take a test...and then get upset when it was negative. When I finally did get pregnant, and I really "knew," I didn't want to take the test too soon and be upset again by a negative. The multiple negative tests made me get over the pregnancy test thing.

krybabie krybabie

I understand about the waiting to see if your pregnant and the anticipation. I think sometimes it is exciting because taking a pregnancy test is one more thing that women can do that men can't...LOL

bella... bella69147

Wow, I have to admit that I do this. The tests have gotten better over the years. The one in the blue box has the most potent testing without going to a doctor for bloodwork.

nonmember avatar Maegan

I buy dollar store tests. Not b/c I'm an addict, but b/c I'm irregular. We use contraceptives...but without a period every can be more annoying to wonder. Every 3-4 weeks I test. With a dollar store test. :) It's not a stick, you have to do a catch, then use the little dropper to drop the liquid onto the test pad. But it works all the same.

I am actually kind of anti-test for those who are TTC. Something like 60% of pregnancies never make it beyond 6 weeks. There is such a thing called a chemical pregnancy. And when a woman tests positive, but then starts bleeding heavily...she believes she's "miscarried". She hasn't. She's shedding cells. Cells that almost made it, but didn't. It's devastating to most...almost being there, but not actually making it. husband left the country for a I have a few extra in my cabinet. I tested at 4, 6, & 8 weeks after he left...Just in case. All negatives. The dollar store also carries ovulation test for $1.

Julie... Julieryanevans

i wish i had known about the dollar store tests ... i'd have saved more than a few dollars!

cantw... cantwaitfor4

I wouldnt say I am an addict but when we first suspected I was pregnant we took a total of 6 (2 boxes with 3 in each) just to be sure than that was it! :)

nonmember avatar Organizedchaos

I do this so bad! My husband says its possibly the weirdest addiction he's ever heard of. It's really frustrating for me, but I MUST keep doing it. I want to know so BAD!!!! I'm hoping it calms down once I'm actually pregnant. To Meagan- Chemical pregnancies are miscarriages, they are exactly the same as a miscarriage the only reason for the different terminology is because the pregnancy was not yet detectable on an ultrasound. It is an early miscarriage and devastating to women who have them. It would be easier if they weren't real pregnancies, but that is whitewashing the matter.

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