My Addiction to Pregnancy Tests

Pregnancy Test
Photo by mmoleader
Years ago when my husband and I first decided to start trying to get pregnant, I went out and bought a pregnancy test. It felt like such a grown-up, life-changing purchase, and I couldn't stop thinking about it sitting there, unused under my bathroom sink.

Sure, it said to wait until two or three days after a missed period, but no one could possibly wait that long to know if they were growing an actual human being inside herself, right?

I think I peed on my first stick about two to three days after we first "tried," and I've done so literally hundreds of times since then through years of infertility and two pregnancies.


The adrenaline, the anticipation, planning what I would say when I showed those two magic lines to my husband. Peeing and waiting -- eyes glued to the stick wondering if I really saw something or forcing myself to leave the bathroom and not sneak a look before a full 10 minutes elapsed. Running with stick in hand to a window or even outside to see if maybe, in just the right light, there would be a shadow of hope. The thousands of dollars (literally down the toilet) and the disappointment of that one damn line again and again ... until there were two.

Even after I was confirmed-by-a-doctor pregnant, I still took pregnancy tests throughout my nine months just to see those magic two lines pop up. The craving to just pee on that stick and see the proof was too strong no matter how silly I knew it was (or how silly I looked buying them while sporting a huge belly!).

Now that we're likely done building our family, my cravings have eased a bit. Since my daughter's birth 14 months ago, I'm happy to say I haven't purchased a single one.

But I still feel a little familiar pang when I walk down the aisle and see them and all their possibility staring at me from the store's shelf.

Is anyone else addicted to pregnancy tests?

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