Pregnancy Calendar: Week 7

baby cupcakesSay hi to Margaret*! She's expecting her first baby November 5, 2010, and is sharing her week-by-week experience with us for the next nine months.

Week 7

This week has had its own set of joys and concerns. We went to get a sonogram this past Tuesday. The baby looks great -- yolk sac, length, and heartbeat are all positive. I suppose there is no denying that there is a baby now. I was very relieved to know that there was a yolk sac and that the baby was in my uterus. My husband was also ecstatic.


My main challenge is food aversion. Nothing is appealing to me. It isn't nausea. We've been hanging out with friends the last few days who want to go out. I think that I'll be able to eat what I'd normally eat; I simply cannot. So, from today forward I'll just wait.

Some folks have made rude comments to the tune of, "Well, you come into pregnancy with a few extra pounds ..." I'd like them to try and survive on a few crackers and a bowl of soup a day when you know your baby needs nutrients to grow. Jerks. 

Emotionally, I don't want to discuss my pregnancy. I'm not really interested in folks' opinions. This journey reminds me a lot of getting married -- our premarital counselor told us that folks project their relationship issues or ways on you. The same is true for pregnancy. I don't really want to know what you could eat or how you did it. If I want to know, I'll ask. So, I've decided when people are rude to me, or give their opinion freely, that I'll simply say, "Thanks for your opinion, but that is not how I feel/think whatever." I don't want to shut people down; I do want them to respect my boundaries. 

My husband has been great. He, out of everyone who knows, is making a huge effort to support me and the baby. He brings us water, or encourages us not try the food that we can't eat. Or, gets the car door. I am so grateful. I have one supporter who offers unconditional support and love. We realized that we feel incredibly close -- perhaps the most close in our ten years together. It's nice to realize that we have come full circle and now begin a journey with three.


Did other heap tons of unsolicited advice on you when you first found out you were pregnant? Did you welcome it or did you have the urge to tell them "please shut up"?

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