Pregnancy = Total Ditz

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I'm always forgetting things.

Like the other night, when I asked my husband if the important letter from my mother had arrived. I'd been expecting it days earlier, and feared it had gotten lost in the mail.

My husband replied, yes, it came, it's under the stack of clutter on the counter.

Flash to the next night. I find the letter and say, all excited and relieved like it's the first time we've ever discussed it, "The letter! It isn't lost at all, it's right here!"

I won't bore you with the scolding that followed, because he's right, I don't listen, which is kinda crucial to remembering. Or, I do listen and it almost gets in there, but then, like Keyser Soze, poof, it's gone. I'm not sure where it goes. Probably in the stack of mail where that letter was hiding all along.

I could have gotten away with being a bad rememberer when I was pregnant because I just read that pregnancy dampens spatial memory, according to new research out of England.


That's not exactly the same as my personal deficit, but I'm convinced it's related in my case. I tried to recall if my memory was worse during my two pregnancies five and seven years ago but I couldn't remember.

Luckily, these British researchers wrote it all down. They gave a bunch of pregnant women computer tests to see how well they could learn rules and plan moving things within a space, and whether they remembered previously seen patterns and locations, reports Business Week.

The researchers found that pregnant women did significantly worse on the tests, and also had higher levels of anxiety and depression.

The suspected culprit? The same thing that gets us into that mess in the first place: hormones. Which tells me that this memory loss is purposeful, our body's way of protecting us and the survival of our species.

During the agony of my first labor, a miserable 18 hours or so, I swore up and down to my husband that he was never to touch me again, that this was my first and ONLY child, EVER. Maybe not out loud but definitely in my head. Yet, I was back in that same ward, screaming and pushing out another one just 19 months later. Thank goodness for memory loss during pregnancy.

Are you constantly forgetting where you put your car keys and other things while pregnant?

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