Most Popular Baby Names (Maybe Not Now, But Very Soon)

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Seraphina. Such a pretty name. And very unique, right? Sure, a celebrity couple recently gave that name to their daughter, but other than that, you probably don't know any Seraphinas in the neighborhood. It's not even in the Social Security's Top 1,000 for Most Popular Baby Names.


According to Pamela Redmond Satron, co-founder of the baby name site Nameberry, this girl name is bound to be the next Emily of the 90s or Jennifer of the 70s in the coming days, weeks, years. As well as Maisie and Imogen and Matilda.

For boys, it will be Phineaus, Auden, Jasper, and Atticus.


Satron, writing for the Daily Beast, recently compiled a list of the Top 50 Baby Names Selected by the Stylish Elite of our society. Which means these are names are moving like gangbusters up the popularity charts as I write this.

As you've probably found out, names become popular long before they are ranked on the Social Security List. That's the government for ya. So if you're looking to find a non-popular name, you probably want to consult additional sources.

So Satron took her own scientific pulse of the name situation, and assigned each of her Top 50 names (25 boys, 25 girls) a number differential of higher or lower as it compares to the Social Security List.

Some of the others that Satron predicts will grow extremely popular are names my friends and colleagues have snatched up for their newborns recently: Lucy, Owen, Charlotte, Jack and Sawyer.

See Satron's complete List of Top 50 Baby Names of the Elite at the Daily Beast to see if you agree these names are bound for ubiquity.

Is your baby's name on this list?

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