Hiding Your Pregnancy: For Your Friends

Photo by StaciaandBaby
A pregnant woman was forbidden from talking about her pregnancy with her co-workers just in case she'd offend anyone who had either suffered a miscarriage or opted for an abortion.

This strange story, reported by the Daily Mail, comes out of England and highlights the tough road for pregnant women whose friends have suffered some sort of baby trauma.


Let's face it -- that big ol' belly makes it hard to hide your pregnancy. That and those frequent trips to the bathroom, changes in dietary needs, back pain, etc.

An employer flat out refusing to let you talk about the baby in there may be over the top, but sometimes it's common courtesy to refrain from tooting one's horn straight into someone else's ears.

A "real friend" may be happy for your good fortune, but you can't blame them for not wanting to hear about your fundus, mucus plug and more when they're five years into trying to conceive and still trying to scrape up money for IVF.

Are you more reserved about pregnancy talk around friends who are struggling with infertility?

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