10 Steps to a Fabulous Delivery. Yes, I Said Fabulous

Flickr Photo by Rahego
Sure, the thought of pushing six to ten pounds of human through your loins doesn't sound very fabulous, but I assure you, delivery can be one of the most awesome and fabulous experiences of your life.

The key is to focus on all the right stuff, not the wrong stuff.


Now, most moms-to-be get overly caught up in the "window dressing" of delivery -- the candles, the pictures, the music, etc. That stuff is cool, but having a great labor and delivery expereince is really more about how you are being and not what you are doing. Let me explain.

Being stuck in your vision of the delivery without being flexible about what is best for the baby can lead to frustration and disappointment. Sometimes the best laid plans have to be swapped out quickly for the baby's safe arrival. 

Having the right attitude is key. The best thing is to plan ahead, openly discuss your plans with your doctor, keep an open mind, and follow these tips for a fabulous delivery.

  1. Make sure your doctor knows your wants and desires.
  2. Make it a priority to read or listen to joyful delivery experiences—have faith that yours will be just as joyful.
  3. Create a birth plan.
  4. Choose pain-management techniques and exercises that work for you.
  5. Walk it out—stay on your feet.
  6. Don’t go to the hospital too early—your contractions should be five minutes apart.
  7. Move about freely during labor unless there is a medical emergency;
  8. Change positions. Let gravity work for you; practice before birth the many positions that are great for pushing the baby out.
  9. Let your voice be heard—don’t be afraid to scream or yell.

Are you nervous or excited about your baby's birth, or a little of both?

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