Kooky iPhone Apps for Pregnancy

Amy Keyishian

Pimp My Ultrasound
Pimp My Ultrasound

Pregnant? Got an iPhone? I'll leave it to you to sort out whether you'd prefer to do your week-by-week tracking with What To Expect or Baby Bump.

The number of apps just to choose baby names is overwhelming (Irish edition! Indian names!), and wow, there are quite a few gender predictors. (Hi, ultrasound?!) There are food guides galore. But what have I spent the evening obsessing over? The crazypants apps. My phone is now full of them.


Pimp My Ultrasound (Free)

Am I the worst mom in the world or what? I find this app hilarious. It's totally intuitive; I was shrinking, tilting, and applying little hats and sunglasses within moments of opening it. I am actually too superstitious to play dress-up with the actual baby inside me, but I am having a field day with my little pre-term Penelope.

M Pregnancy – For Men With Pregnant Women (2.99)
We live in a world where Everybody Loves Raymond was a number-one show for like ninety years. Everyone thinks men are total morons. Never mind that my husband knows more about my uterus than I do, I still think this app is funny. It measures the weeks of your pregnancy as a countdown to his last free day; it measures the size of the fetus w/r/t a beer bottle; and the advice is total Man Show "handle her mood swings." If you are not actually married to a Neanderthal, you'll get a kick out of this Maxim-style app.

Baby Builder
Baby Builder
(Free or $2.99)
There's more than one "see what your baby would look like" apps. Some create an illustration based on general traits. Others take two pictures and frighten you with a horrible mashup. This one claims to use sophisticated facial mapping technology. Also? The baby poops when you touch its stomach. So, whaddaya think? Insane, right? My husband has a huge forehead!

Anne Geddes (Free)
Are you as creeped out by Anne Geddes babies as I am? Send e-cards, view a small gallery, watch videos (who? Who is sitting around watching videos of Anne Geddes on Entertainment Tonight on her phone?!), post to Facebook, read her blog – if you're a fan of weird little sleeping babies, this is certainly the app for you.

Pregnancy and Birth Affirmations ($2.99)
I have saved the best for last. This app is AWESOME. The screen shots alone sent me into total bliss. "I am a strong and capable woman. Surrounded by RAINBOWS!" "I feel serene and experience a deep intimacy with my own body and spirit. Also, RAINBOWS!" Seriously, I wish this app were a dollar. I would have sprung for it. Who can't use a little affirmation? And … you-know-whats? (Please note: Also available for peace and tranquility, fertility, love and relationship, and health and fitness.) (And rainbows.)

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