Miley Cyrus Is Pregnant Rumor ... Again?

mylie cyrus at academy awards

Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty

It's that time again. It's been a good two years since the Miley Cyrus Is Pregnant Rumor penetrated blog land, and today for some reason, perhaps due to the position of the sun in relation to Saturn or some such random reason, it's going around today.

As much as I can deduct, Miley Cyrus is NOT pregnant. Here's why I'm fairly certain:

1. Neither People or TMZ, among the more reputable entertainment sites that actually do their homework, are reporting it.

2. A google search of the term only pulls up the story on sites with names that scream "Don't trust me!" like The Insider and World Buzz Now!


3. The Insider post -- from 2008! -- is apparently fueling this rumor, because it comes up at the top. Another reminder that people never read TO THE END!

4. Look, just look! at Miley's flat tummy at the Academy Awards just over a week ago. No baby bump there, not even a suggestion of it. If she's pregnant, Miley herself probably doesn't even know it yet.

So there you have it. I'll be back in a year or so to rewrite this post.

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