Postpartum Belly Binders: Ick or Oh Yeah?

Flickr: Photo by Daquella manera

I'd never heard of a postpartum belly binder when I was pregnant. And if someone had given me one at my baby shower -- as a recent press release sent to The Stir suggests -- I might have thrown an old fashioned hissy.

But boy do these companies make them sound good.


According to one blog's glowing review of a belly binder (not the one featured in the press release, but they all seem to carry the same sort of commendations), this compression wrap can:

  1. Speeds up weight loss, for real
  2. Toning of the abdominal muscles & skin
  3. Gets organs back in place after the baby
  4. Brings pliable hips back together to post pregnancy width (I've even heard people say they get SMALLER after using compression wraps...SOLD.)
  5. Closes the birth canal
  6. Speeds up getting rid of waste blood
  7. Promotes great posture
  8. Protects back, core and legs - think of weight lifters on this one

What, no bringing home the bacon and frying it up in a pan? Truth is, I never tried one, so I really can't say if it does any of that.

But I can tell you I was once pregnant, tried to get back in shape, and four and a half years later am still mourning the sagging skin in my mid-section. Even at a size six, when my muscles were back in shape and I was at my body's optimum (read healthy) weight, my not very elastic skin was a stretch-marked, saggy mess.

It isn't lack of trying. It's genetics.

Will you be picking one up for your postpartum days?

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