When Picking Baby Names, Beware of Initials They Form

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If your little girl grows up, gets married, and decides to take her husband's last name — it won't be your fault if her new initials form an undesirable three letter word. My sister-in-law had her initials go from an innocent A.S.R. to a ridiculous A.S.S.

So now, as if you didn't have enough to worry about when choosing a name for your little one, here is one more thing to pay attention to. My attempt to help is below ... a list of initials you should try to avoid.

For those of you with unusual last names, I've listed one example for every letter of the alphabet.

Feel free to add to the list!


Initial Thoughts 

O.V.A. You may have had a hell of a time conceiving, but your baby's initials don't need to remind her of it for the rest of her life.

R.U.B. The jokes here are endless, from "rubber ducky" for the younger set to dealing with "rubber" ribbings as they enter the teenage years.

D.O.C. Bugs Bunny reruns will still be on the Cartoon Network. Why subject him to a lifetime of "What's up, doc?"

S.T.D. Really, do you need me to tell you why?

H.O.E When kids make fun of your kid, they won't be referring to the gardening tool!

E.F.F. So many people I know (myself included) replace a curse from flying our of their mouth by saying something like, "are you effing kidding me?" So by the time your baby is a big kid I am guessing "eff" will be just as bad as saying "f**k."

P.I.G. Pigs are cute and lovable until kids turn 4 or 5 years old. Then they become fat smelly things that roll around in the mud.

U.G.H. Would you want these initials? Enough said!

D.U.I. Innocent lives are taken regularly because adults can't get it through their thick skulls that they should not DUI. That is a terrible, terrible association for a kid to have with their name.

V.A.J. Bad for a girl... worse for a boy.

I.C.K Can't you just see a very sweet Ivy Coraline Konte having to endure her classmates calling her "icky?"

I.L.L. Why set your kids up for a lifetime of sickness? Unless, of course, you think being ill is cool - and then it's acceptable.

K.U.M. Ewww. Gross.

S.I.N. Atheist or not, you can't deny that starting your kid off with these initials could potentially doom them for life.

B.O.O. Oh ... the jokes won't only surface around Halloween, but they could potentially turn  a fun kid holiday into a dreaded time of year.

R.I.P. You do know this stands for "rest in peace," right? And people say that when you are dead. Probably not the best set of initials to give a newborn.

F.A.Q. Already pegging your kid as a Mr. Know-It-All? Don't do it ... it means they'll turn out the opposite!

B.A.R. I guess you could decorate the nursery with vodka bottles and peanut cans?  

K.I.S. This will be especially hated around age 11 when the boys and girls pretend not to like each other, but really do like each other, and are constantly egging each other on to kiss anyone of the opposite sex!

F.A.T. Really bad if your kid has any kind of weight problem.

Y.O.U. How many times do you think they'll hear, "Why is it always about you?"

L.U.V. I actually like this one ... so if your last name begins with a "V" i recommend finding a first and middle name that form these initials.

R.A.W. An under-cooked chicken could kill you with that damn salmonella poisoning. Raw could mean death.

F.O.X. How many people really have a last name that begins with an X? Still, unless you are Rubert Murdoch's kid, there is no need to be the namesake for "the most trusted name in news."

F.L.Y. If I thought of "fly" as in "Superman can fly" then this would be a cool set of initials, but all I can think about is an annoying insect that wants to land on my food... or the zipper you never pulled up on your pants.

J.I.Z. Ewww. Gross again. 

See how important it is that you weigh all of these factors when picking a name. Do you have any initials that would be worse than these?

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