Benjamin: Baby Name of the Day

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Another Benjamin

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I know lots of boys named Benjamin -- both little ones and big ones. I've liked every Ben I've ever met. Bens play sports. Bens are loyal and steady. Perhaps those are among the reasons Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady settled on that name for their son, born this winter.

Yes, settled. Great as the name is, that was not Gisele's first pick for a name, according to People's Celebrity Baby Blog (via Vogue).


Phew, the world's most gorgeous parental unit are just like a lot of us,at least in one way. They had to compromise on their baby's name. Gisele's first pick was River. She tells Vogue: "I wanted him to be called River because I wanted something always flowing, immortal.”

Her husband, New England Patriot's quarterback Tom Brady, wouldn't go for it. He agreed to use Rein for the baby's middle name, after Gisele's father, Reinoldo. Gisele says "Rein" sounds like and symbolizes water to her.

The name Benjamin has been holding steady at #25 of the most popular baby names for the past decade, according to the Social Security Administration.

Do you have a Benjamin? Why did you pick the name?

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