Pregnancy Confession: I Sleep on the Wrong Side

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Flickr: Photo by emdot

Yes, we know we're not supposed to but sometimes we do ... Please don't tell our OBGYNs.

This week's confession:

"I lay on my right side all the time! I always catch myself doing it and flip, but I hate my left side, not NEAR as comfy!"


Why this is bad:

Actually, it's not terrible. It's better than lying on your stomach or back. Some doctors recommend pregnant women lie only on their left side because that's where the liver is, and this position prevents your big ole uterus (baby) from putting pressure on that large organ. This position also improves circulation to the heart and allows for the best blood flow to the fetus, uterus, and kidneys.


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This is just general advice. As with anything pregnancy related, check with your doctor or health professional first.

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