Baby Shower Blahs: Freaking the Child-Free

Photo by wntg1grl

The baby shower is a rite of passage for preggos, but here's a tip. Remember what it was like to attend a shower pre-pregnancy.

A recent piece about how the child-free handle the baby shower caught my eye; because I remember what those days were like.


I loved the idea of babies, was overjoyed for my pregnant pals, but boy did I feel like a mom with a discount Graco feels in the land of Orbit strollers.

As Julie Umnus told Chicago Business, when the talk turned to pregnancy matters, "I sit there and have nothing to contribute."

It's hard NOT to talk all things baby at the shower -- cause, um, you know, that's what you're there for. But with a friend throwing the shower who hadn't even though of kids yet and my gay male friend and his partner (who are devoted uncles but still childless) in attendance, silly games were off the list and I tried to mix the oohing and ahhing over cute widdle onesies with work talk, food talk, even the weather. 

Will there be child-free folks at your shower?

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