Human Egg Is a Raffle Prize

Flickr: Photo by Andreas Kollegger

A human egg set to be raffled off at an IVF clinic in England is creating a stir on both sides of the pond.

According to the Daily Mail, the actual donor egg is coming from a woman here in the states, to skirt British laws governing the sale of human tissue.


Anyone else wondering if this scheme isn't a tad irreverant for such a serious matter? I entered a raffle over the weekend and won a $25 gift certificate to a diner. I don't pony up a buck for life-changing moments via randomized drawing.

To be fair, the winning mama-to-be will have some choices once she gets her golden ticket pulled out of the hat. She'll be directed to a clinic in the states for her free donor cycle, where she'll get the eggs of a woman whose profile she's previewed, including childhood photos.

Also fair to note -- women entering this sort of drawing are already in the market for a donor egg. They have likely exhausted their other options for infertility treatment and would be using a donor egg whether it came free or cost them.

Where do you fall on free eggs?

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